Here at Lake Glencairn, it is not just about lifestyle farming. We farm a variety of agricultural products. Trout, Maize, potatoes, Wagyu and Angus cattle as well as our very own imported Peonies.

Trout Farming

At Lake Glencairn we farm our very own trout! We either import eggs or catch wild trout from the river flowing through our farm and milk them for eggs! We then hatch them in our very own hatchery and then grow them in our trout ponds until fit for human consumption! We also have a 40 hectare lake where there are known to be some trophy fish! We supply trout to the local restaurants.

Maize farming

We farm 2 varieties of Maize over 50 hectares, White and Yellow maize. We farm both varieties as we use our own maize to feed our cattle. This ensures traceability of our meats. We also farm Maize to supply local supermarkets.

Potato farming

We farm potatoes in a small scale to supply local supermarkets with good quality potatoes

Cattle Farming

We have a herd of full blood Wagyu cattle and are registered with the Wagyu society of South Africa and are affiliated with their Certified Wagyu Beef program. We also farm Angus cattle and provide mix breeds to deliver awesome tasting meat. All our animals graze freely and are fed with what is grown on the farm, this ensures full traceability of all meats, from farm straight to your kitchen. Our meat is tender, juicy and of the highest quality in South Africa!

Peonia Farming

We have imported our very own Peonia bulbs from the Netherlands and have planted over 10 varieties of the most beautiful looking and smelling Peonia!
These are all available as cut flowers during spring for local or export market. Our colours range from whites to different shades of pinks, coral, salmon, yellow and deeper pinks and reds!